Congratulations on the Victory Day over Nazism in World War II

Dear veterans, dear compatriots!

73 years have passed since those days, when Ukraine suffered irreparable losses in the liberation struggle for the victory over Nazism. Today our hearts are full of gratitude and honor to all those who went through the fire and defended peace on the planet for the price of their own lives.

Rethinking of the historical facts of that war and the current events on the eastern borders of Ukraine is a sure proof that there is no greater value than the joy of free life on its land.

Deep respect for you, liberators, patriots, heroes-winners! Peace with you, well-being, good health and a cloudless sky over Ukraine!

We honor.

We prevail.

Sincerely yours

Acting Chairman
National Commission for the State Regulation of
Communications and Informatization

Oleksandr Skliarov