TAIEX technical assistance tool

The Technical Assistance Information Exchange (TAIEX) is one of the most widely used, effective and accessible among all possible instruments of the European Union assistance.

TAIEX is an instrument of technical assistance and information exchange provided by the European Commission with the aim of developing institutional capacity, approximating and implementing national legislation to the legislation of the European Union (acquis communautaire), as well as its further effective implementation.

The Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument (TAIEX) was established by the Directorate General of the European Commission for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations in 1996 in order to help countries in the short term bring national legislation in line to EU standards and enforce legislation. The TAIEX task consists of a simplified mechanism for the information transfer and exchange of the best practices between the Member States of the European Union and the beneficiary countries (candidate countries, Western Balkan countries and countries of the European Neighborhood Policy). Ukraine started using TAIEX tool in 2006.

The defining features of the TAIEX instrument are the focus on solving specific development and integration problems, which requires the administrations of the initiative approach beneficiary countries, self-determination of their needs, preparation and applying of applications, mobility (from online application to assistance ranging from two up to three months), which makes it possible to use it for solving urgent issues.

The main target groups of TAIEX:

  • public servants working in central executive authorities;
  • public servants working in local executive authorities and associations of local authorities;
  • judicial authorities and law enforcement agencies;
  • members of legislative authorities and public servants working in legislative and local self-government authorities;
  • professional and commercial associations representing social partners, representatives of trade unions and employers' unions.

Advantages of cooperation with TAIEX:

  • approximation, implementation of national legislation to the acquis communautaire;
  • assistance to the institutional development of public authorities;
  • training of public servants.

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